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Presenting at ICTVC
Presenting at ICTVC. Photo by Rob Keller.

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  • Lamberg, J.J.J.(2015) ‘Brand and personality of organisations’. Presentation at a seminar on visual and verbal communication held by University of Helsinki. Also chaired the event.
  • Lamberg, J.J.J. (2014) ‘Visual communication – unseparable from brand and company’. Presentation at a seminar on corporate visual communications held by University of Helsinki & Lahti Design Institute.
  • Lamberg, J.J.J. (2012) ‘Lost without a paradigm?’. Presentation (on how design theory lacks guiding principles or paradigms and this can be confusing for newcomers. At Muotoilijan aamiainen (‘Design Breakfast’), Lahti, Finland.
  • Lamberg, J.J.J. (2012) Panel discussion on illusions. Meduusa 2012 media festival, Kouvola, Finland.
  • Lamberg, J.J.J. (2011) ‘Information design and genres’. Presentation at the 2nd Information Design Seminar at Lahti Design Institute. Also chaired the event.
  • Lamberg, J.J.J. (2010) Tutki enemmän, oleta vähemmän. (‘Research more, assume less’) Kuvittaja magazine 2/2010.
  • Lamberg, J.J.J. (2010) ‘How information design differs from Finnish design’. Presentation at the 1st Information Design Seminar at Lahti Design Institute. Also chaired the event.
  • Lamberg, J.J.J, (2009) When the guru’s opinion is not enough’. On evaluating typographic quality in newspapers. ‘Newspaper 2010’ – typography seminar at Lahti Design Institute.
  • Lamberg, J.J.J. (2009) Tekniikan rajat on tehty rikottaviksi. (‘The limits of technology are meant to be broken’) Kuvittaja magazine 1/2009.
  • Lamberg, J.J.J. (2005) Sanomalehden leipätekstin ladelman typografinen analyysi. Typografisen mittaustavan arviointia toimialan haastatteluihin perustuen. (‘Typographical analysis of bodytype in Finnish newspapers : Interview-based evaluation of typographical measuring’) Unpublished BA dissertation, department of Media Communication, Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences.


I also contribute to Wikipedia occasionally. Mostly in cases where I notice that they are missing a topic that I am using in my academic work. Or if there is an article but it’s clearly lacking in quality I might end up rewriting the whole thing. Due to the nature of Wikipedia, some of the articles change quickly again after me and are truly collaborative texts. But others stay rather stable apart from links, corrections, and minor additions. These articles can still be considered largely my texts (as of Dec 2015):

blog and other miscellaneous texts

I have also written newspaper articles, reviews, and columns to Finnish newspapers since 1996. For example, when I was working as a graphic designer in the regional newspaper Satakunnan Kansa I had a regular column in their weekly supplement and occasionally wrote other pieces too. (One of my favourite assignments was reviewing the Finnish translation of Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta.)

Today, I mostly enjoy publishing those thoughts that are unfit for academic journals etc. here on my blog. For someone who started making their own photocopied ‘magazines’ when they were six, running a real publication – because that’s what a blog is – with a potentially global audience is irresistible. Especially when it’s just done for fun, without stressing about readership numbers or revenue generation.