Hear me talk about branding at Lemesos semiotics conference

I’m headed to Cyprus next week to talk at the 3rd International Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication (ICSVC). It’s being held at Lemesos by the Cyprus University of Technology.


I will be talking about brand personalities and their relationship to the design process in newspapers. I got a slightly ambitious plan to include some points about how these can be seen through Husserlian phenomenology or Schön’s theory of metaphor use in creative work. So I have to make the presentation quite carefully and practice a lot to manage it all.

Just a bit ambitious? Crazy? Probably. But I thought this way it would fit to the topics of the conference which revolve around branding and semiotics. Besides, I seriously dislike conference presentations where the content is very thin.

Last time I was in Cyprus in 2010 for the 4th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication. Back then I was speaking about news graphics and journalism, as it had been the focus of my MA dissertation. Based on that experience I can tell you that Cyprus is a nice place and the people are great.

The are also lots of other very interesting sounding presentations on the schedule. So if you have the time to spare, I recommend warmly coming along.


Conference alert: Editorial design at QVED 2016

Are you interested in magazine design, newspaper design, or infographics? Perhaps you even work with these products, toiling away in the dark corner alone with your Mac. Now it is time to come out to daylight and meet other people who share your geeky interests. I will be there too.

QVED 2016 promotional image by Kochan & Partner

Okay, maybe not to actual daylight. More like the semi-darkness of a conference hall. But still. QVED 2016 (Quo Vadis Editorial Design?) is an international conference for editorial design, which promises to bring together designers, journalists, publishers, and others interested in the field. The conference will be held on 25–27 February at the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich.

There is also a separate half-day “little-sister conference” QVIG (Quo Vadis Info Graphics?) which concentrates on information graphics in editorial design. I will be giving a short talk in this section. In my presentation I will be combining my professional experiences as a designer of news graphics with theoretical perspectives. QVIG will run on Saturday 27 February starting at 9 in the morning.

I am looking forward to participating in the QVIG mini-conference. But since I have shifted from doing graphics to researching newspaper design the main event is even more enticing for me. In any case, with such a combination of great topics, I am definitely going to attend all three conference days.

QVED seems to be largely practice-oriented, but I am hoping to meet people interested in design research as well. Feel free to drop a comment below or send me a message if you are going to attend.

Best to act fast if you haven’t got your ticket yet. You only have about a week to get early bird tickets for a reduced price. The discounts end on 20 January. Tickets are available through doo.net.

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